Day #5 What am I learning in self-isolation?I hate it!


Ten days with no interruptions, no appointments, or meetings. Heaven? No – hell! Self-isolation has been so hard & I’m only halfway through. Who would have thought that there could be something worse than a tight lockdown? Well, we had a routine. We made sure that we went out each day for a walk. We were able to go shopping […]

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How to live a well-balanced lifestyle

Are you confused when you consider how to live a well-balanced lifestyle? When things get busy, finding a way to bring balance into your life can seem impossible, but making small changes can have a huge impact. From eating better and being more active in switching off and socialising, here is a straightforward plan to achieving that balance.     […]

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How to Look Fabulous Forever with a little help from Tricia

Look Fabulous Forever

Everyone wants to know how to Look Fabulous Forever and in this post, I’ll share some wonderful products to help you in this quest!     From the moment this silver package dropped through my letterbox, I was emersed in luxury. The blue sticker was so positive and inviting and that flower has become part of my daily routine. ‘Look […]

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How to approach a really manic week!

manic week

You’ve only got to look at the diary to know this is going to be a manic week!   Monday Well, the week starts with a  session with my wonderful coach who will boost my confidence and point me in the right direction for the next week of developing the Head’s Office business. I then go to one of the […]

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How to celebrate 240 years!

How to celebrate 240 years

    How to celebrate 240 years. You need a mix of birthdays, friends and football!   In the beginning …there were four boys who went to Gillingham Grammar School. It was an all boys school in the town of Gillingham which is in Kent. It is situated on the river Medway not far from Chatham where there was once a […]

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Hospital, detox and falling rates! How was your day?

Thursday from hell

I like Thursdays. It’s the promise of Friday being just around the corner and of course everyone knows Friday is the best day of the week. But I didn’t enjoy this Thursday. Not one bit. It was the Thursday from hell! It was in the air Have you ever had that feeling that the universe was trying to tell you […]

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