How to be more security conscious

security conscious

Age UK is looking to help older residents become more security conscious with this useful article   While the Office of National Statistics have reported a rise in serious crime over the last year, an assessment of older peoples’ views on home security indicates resilience in the face of this statistic. A survey of 2,000 over 65-year-olds living in the […]

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Is clutter overwhelming you? Find out why


  Are you a clutterer? Does clutter figure in your life? Do you worry about it? Would you feel better to know there are types of clutter and once you have identified which plagues you, you can do something about it? READ ON! Types of clutter Most of us have a passion for things and often, maybe without knowing, we […]

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So, how clean IS your house?

  Sitting my kitchen having my hair cut ( yes the hairdresser comes to us!) I noticed how grubby the door of my fridge looked. Scanning the other cupboards, the tale was similar, which reminded me of this article in the Huffington Post. Whilst they concentrated on the kitchen I discovered there are lots of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ […]

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Upright cleaner gets a shout out!

Upright cleaner

Until a few months ago, I had never owned or used an upright cleaner. I had always had the cylinder type as had my mother before me. Now vacuum cleaners are not the sort of thing you replace every year but with so many new designs with lots of different features, I decided to go shopping. I didn’t go with a […]

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