Are you stressed? What’s the cure?

National Stress Awareness Day

What happened to October? Actually, I need to ask the same question about September. The months are so busy that I’m not getting a chance to draw a breath let alone stop and smell the coffee. Life is busy This is just a short note to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you all. You will have seen my […]

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Is arthritis killing the life in you?

Arthritis empathy suit

Bounding down the stairs, I felt two stone lighter and twenty years younger. It was as if the old me had been replaced by this young lithe person. It was mind blowing! The change was due to two hours during which I was to experience some of the pain and disability a  sufferer of osteoarthritis deals with every day. The project […]

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The results are amazing! Turmeric works!

turmeric works

It didn’t really take 30 days to find out that turmeric works. After the first week I was aware of changes happening. Check out the trial and get a great offer to try it for yourself! Before the tablets When I got out of bed first thing in the morning I used to have that ‘oh goodness, let’s get everything moving’ […]

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