Do you believe daffodils can really save lives?

Marie Curie appeal

 Yes they can when the daffodils are the symbol of Marie Curie, the end of life care charity. Daffodils are my favourite flower. They are bright in colour, have a wonderful scent and don’t fall all over the place when they die. You can see a few posts by me about this hardy flower by searching Daffodils but one such […]

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‘Raise1brow’ for cancer

Raise #1 Brow

I had to learn to pluck at an early age.   A family trait on my father’s side was thick eyebrows and as a young lady, it was not a trait I was pleased to have but I would hate not to have them! One of my favourite online magazines comes from Country Wives and they are supporting #Raise1brow which is […]

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