7 brunch ideas that are tasty & healthy for you

These 7 tasty brunch ideas will keep things healthy, as they avoid trans fat foods. But what is trans fat? Well, it’s unsaturated fat found in foods like fatty meats, cakes and fried food – the foods you really want to avoid. Once you have a plan to steer clear of unhealthy foods you can have a lot of fun […]

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How to create a personal profile in a cake!

how to make a personal [profile in a cake

A special birthday needs a special centrepiece and this is how to create a personal profile in a cake!    What would you like? When I first contacted Mel Todd at Mummy’s Little Cakery, I knew that the cake my son would have for his 40th birthday would be special.  Mel asked what sort of thing I would like and […]

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Quick Paella – Summer Supper!

‘Quick paella’ seems a contradiction in terms. When you see how much goes into this Spanish dish you We love paella. Here is THE biggest one we have ever had and this was one portion! It was eaten in amazing surroundings in the harbour side of La Rochelle. We were in a restaurant obviously frequented by locals because when we […]

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Lettuce lost its zing? Here’s how to cheer it up!

How to cheer up lettuce

Summer is here and you’re wishing that summer dress wasn’t so tight. If only the weather had turned warmer, sooner you might have been able to do something about it. Well, do not despair! That good old summer favourite SALAD is here and with a bit of imagination you can add not only a zing but help some of those inches […]

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Christmas eating – no need to get fat

Christmas eating

Not so much good mirth as good girth can be the legacy of Christmas! Follow these tips on the lead up and that will help you get into good habits of Christmas eating. Eat when you’re hungry Seems a sensible suggestion but how often do we pick or nibble at food when we really don’t need it? Listen to your tummy and feed […]

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