Why the Irish vote was not a surprise to me

why the Irish vote was not a surprise to me

It is not often you know that you are living through the making of history. After all, that is for future generations when you are long gone. Even more amazing is when ‘institutions’ are affected in ways that will change them forever. Three such happenings have occurred in recent weeks & they all affect women & how they are considered. […]

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Jeans for genes day. How to help!

Jeans for Genes Day

  Ever heard of Jeans for Genes Day?  Well, it is an annual event helping to raise awareness and funds for children who have been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. ‘Genetic disorder’ sounds rare and unusual but there are lots of them. Jeans for Genes Day is happening on 23rd September. The idea is simple – wear jeans, change lives.   […]

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‘Inside Out’ – an emotional roller coaster

Watching ‘Inside Out’ this week my husband and I literally experienced an emotional rollercoaster. We don’t go to the cinema often and when we do we are usually the only ones in the theatre as we choose an afternoon showing. The audience this time was around 20 and included children, age range between 5 – 14 and grandparents who were accompanying them. […]

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Solar powered balloon joins hot air

Bristol balloon fiesta

On 6th August 2015 at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, Europe’s biggest hot air balloon gathering saw the maiden flight of a solar powered balloon. We visited the following day and joined the huge crowd in applauding as it took flight again. It was very fitting that this happened in Bristol which is the European Green Capital of the Year. The balloon […]

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