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I have to say a HUGE apology for my lack of attention to this wonderful weekly happening. Life has been manic (please read this apology too!) Let me expalin. As you may know that I am running a 100 Word Challenge over on the Head’s Office for children to write creative pieces in 100 words. It is very popluar with […]

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Centus Review – Tina

Well Jenny Matlock has certainly rolled the red carpet out for the Golden Anniversary of Saturday Centus! Rather than writing our own pieces, we have to choose one from last week & review it! The same rules of 100 words still apply! The piece I am reviewing was by Tina over at Mummy Diaries  who wrote:- Devastated, heartbroken, that empty feeling inside. […]

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The Wall!

I have missed a couple of recent Saturday Cenuts posts because the children’s version has really taken off (do visit here & comment please) but here is this weeks. As usual, the prompt is in blue & I have used an additional 100 words! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They brought hammers, picks, shovels even screw drivers. Anything to make an impression on the […]

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