He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up

sudden death

    Tragedy is all around us. Sometimes I think we don’t notice it but it is there.  It could be thousands of miles away with bombs, death and carnage. The graphic photos that come into our homes move us but they can feel so separate from our lives that we can easily dismiss them to carry on with what […]

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What is this 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups?

Some visitors do not know about 100 Word Challenge for Grown ups!   Are you a frustrated writer? Is there a novel inside you trying to see the light of day? Do you dread the blank page and the thought of 1000s of words? Would you like some constructive feedback on your creative efforts?  Well, a little bit of help […]

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Is Peace One Day achievable? 100WCGU #190

Peace one day

Did you know that 21st September is Peace One Day? I didn’t. You only have to look at the news headlines to know we are a long, long way from peace with an aid convoy being hit just minutes after the agreed ceasefire ended in Syria. This sort of action does not stop brave humanitarians from risking their lives or […]

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What do turning leaves mean to you? 100wcgu #188

100 word challenge for grown ups

Here in the UK, the leaves are turning but what does ‘turning leaves’ mean?    September thoughts Autumn ‘Turning leaves’ mean September to me and the beginning of my favourite season – Autumn. I love the way the leaves change colour as the winter gathers in. I know of friends who have visited places across the world at the time of […]

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