Wooden Bench at the Kiwi House

This is the last day I can add a contribution to this category of Jude’s Bench Series over at Travel Words as it is April tomorrow and we have a new challenge.

This amazing specimen of a wooden bench was taken recently in New Zealand. It can be found at the entrance to the Kiwi House at Otorohanga which also houses a native bird park under New Zealand’s largest dome aviary.

Β It was to be a very special visit for me because I did not realise that kiwis existed! I thought they were a prehistoric creature that had been adopted as New Zealand’s national emblem. Boy, was I in for a surprise!


At the Kiwi House they have special enclosures for visitors to see the birds. As they are nocturnal (didn’t know that!) you go into a very dimly lit area where, once your eyes have become accustomed to the light you search for kiwis. The area is full of grasses and scrub so you do have to look hard. As we were with my brother and sister-in-law who know all about it, we arrived in time for feeding. This is done by a keeper going into the enclosure with a large tube of yumminess. Well, if you are a kiwi it is delicious apparently! I was very impressed that the keeper moved Atu, who is a great spotted kiwi, around the enclosure so that all of us could see her up close.

They really are amazing animals and I’m not sure it was the NZ connection but for some reason she reminded me of a Hobbit as she stamped around trying to get rid of this intruder! . We were not allowed to take photos and the light was poor anyway but I did take this photo of a display case so you can see what they look like.

As you can tell, I was so taken up with seeing something I didn’t think existed my brother and his wife bought me my own kiwi to bring home. Gorgeous isn’t she?!

Have you ever had an experience where you discovered something you didn’t think was real actually was?


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