Bench with a view #1- Napier, NZ

When we set off for our recent world trip, neither my husband or I realised that we both had key places / things we wanted to do while we were away.

For me it was landing in New Zealand. I didn’t know that was going to be so over whelming until I got there but not only was it on the other side of the world but I was going to see my brother after nearly 50 years.

For Nick it was the Pacific Ocean. Again, it was a subconscious pull but once we were in Napier, New Zealand it flooded over him. It is the size of it and the fact that everything else on the planet is dwarfed by this expanse of water.He still raves about it to friends so it clearly was a big moment for him.

Jude over at Travel Words has asked for benches with a view for the month of April. So here we are – a bench looking out at the sea but it means so much more for my husband!

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