An occupied bench

Occupied bench

Jude over at Travel Wordsย has been running a fabulous series all year involving benches. Each month, she sets a different requirement and for October the benches have to be occupied.

Occupied Bench #1

I’ve used this photo before but it is such fun, here it is again!

I took it in China Town in San Francisco back in February. Apparently, it is moved around the area as friends have told me they have sighted it in a different spot. I don’t know what it is about these 3 fellows but they always go down well with us humans don’t they? A good reminder of how to keep the peace maybe!


Occupied bench


Occupied bench #2

This was another shot from our world trip. Hubby spotted it in Dubai airport!

Have you ever had a stop over there? It is an amazing small town really. All sorts of retail outlets, eateries and designer goods. It was our first experience of this region so we didn’t hold hands ‘just in case’!

I wonder if the chap with the paper had noticed his companion?


Occupied bench


Occupied bench #3

Well, we have gone from statues only to human and statue and finally we have two humans. This photo of me and my son was taken quite a few years ago. We have both changed quite a lot in waist lines but hopefully our smiles are still the same. I remember feeling happy when he joined his old mum while the rest of the group were off gallivanting.


Occupied bench

Do pop over to Travel Words & see the otherย entries for an occupied bench!

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