3 great starting points for really getting active

getting active

As we age, getting active can feel like too much trouble. To celebrate the British Heart Foundation’s 60th birthday, I am going to share a few posts with ideas for you to try. This first one may be the most important because as we know, the most important step on a journey is the first one. That first step to […]

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Day #5 What am I learning in self-isolation?I hate it!


Ten days with no interruptions, no appointments, or meetings. Heaven? No – hell! Self-isolation has been so hard & I’m only halfway through. Who would have thought that there could be something worse than a tight lockdown? Well, we had a routine. We made sure that we went out each day for a walk. We were able to go shopping […]

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When your phone pings!

I was pinged on Friday with a message that said I had been close to someone who has tested positive & should self-isolate for 10 days. Now, this may seem reasonable but: I have had both my vaccinations. I did a Lateral Flow Test & I am negative. It now means that I need to stay indoors until 11th July. […]

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How to live a well-balanced lifestyle

Are you confused when you consider how to live a well-balanced lifestyle? When things get busy, finding a way to bring balance into your life can seem impossible, but making small changes can have a huge impact. From eating better and being more active in switching off and socialising, here is a straightforward plan to achieving that balance.     […]

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7 brunch ideas that are tasty & healthy for you

These 7 tasty brunch ideas will keep things healthy, as they avoid trans fat foods. But what is trans fat? Well, it’s unsaturated fat found in foods like fatty meats, cakes and fried food – the foods you really want to avoid. Once you have a plan to steer clear of unhealthy foods you can have a lot of fun […]

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