Simple pleasures – Day#1

Simple pleasures


Simple pleasures




With Christmas less than 2 weeks away the idea of simple pleasures is very appealing given all the excess that maybe around. This is the first day in my ’12 Days of Christmas’ series that is linking individual Christmas items / words with a challenge from Karin Joyce over at Embrace Happy on Face Book.

As you get older, simple pleasures do seem to mean more. Well actually – simple things become pleasurable. Why is that?


Perhaps it has something to do with having more time to spend on life. When you are not rushing around, the things you do spend time on are often done in a more thorough way whether that is hoovering or drinking coffee in a cafe.


Because you are giving more time to the things you do, you seem to have more energy for them. You may have a list of jobs but really, you can do them at your leisure. It seems to be that deadlines and pressure take away energy that should be spent on the task in hand.


When you are retired, you don’t have the same expectations either of yourself or from others. When you are doing what you want to do just for you (and maybe a partner) the stress is off and as it says above you seem to have more energy. Perhaps it is a more peaceful approach to life and what it contains so that the big things are in the past, leaving you ith simple pleasures that you missed before.

Simple Pleasures

These are some of mine:

  • We’ve been away for a few days so soaking in my wonderful bath and having a read of my book
  • A cup of caffeinated coffee in the morning in a small mug I was given during one of my blood donation sessions
  • Looking out into my garden from my French windows on a Sunday having breakfast. The rest of the week it is snack on the go.
  • As it is Christmas, a simple pleasure has to be that first mince pie of the season. I never buy them outside of the Christmas holiday – they don’t taste the same!

Day#1 has started well. What are your simple pleasures?

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