Retirement – will you be bored?

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That time when you are no longer shackled to a desk or time table is nearly here. You can’t wait to stop work but have you really thought about it? In your retirement – will you be bored? Here 10 suggestions to get you thinking:

Expand a hobby or an interest.

  • Hubby has a real passion for music and has embarked on a huge project of creating CDs of 60s, 70s, and 80s music
  • I joined twitter, got into blogging and now travel the world talking to children and people about 100 Word Challenge
  • A friend was interested in photography and he has now got his own business selling wonderful photographs at fairs and markets
  • Delving into family history was the interest of a colleague and there are lots of sites to help you get started
  • Another friend has bought herself a violin now that she is coming up to retirement. Of course, my piano is still under the bed!

Get out and about

  • We have been members of the National Trust for years but until we retired had not used it very much. Now we try to get out at least once a week with our picnic
  • Going out for a coffee or afternoon tea gets you into a social group. You don’t have to be best friends with those you meet but it does make sure you are not lonely.
  • Friends have really gone to town on their garden. They have researched plants and plan the seasons and planting.
  • Another friend has taken up running. She was determined to get fitter once she had more time and has found she quite enjoys it!
  • As football fans, we have expanded our games to those further afield or mid-week and my incorporate a few days away.

Start from the position

Asking yourself ‘what am I going to do?’ is the wrong way to approach it. You need to see it as the start of something new – a beginning. I didn’t have a list when I retired but in many ways I wish I had put one together. It took me longer to get going on my retirement. You may find that life gets in the way of your list but it is good to have one so that the answer to the question at the top – in your retirement will you be bored – the answer is a big fat NO!

Which of these appeals? If you are retired, please add some more activities in the comments below.

This is the 3rd in the ‘Aspects of Retirement’ series

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  • travelwithmrst

    I mentioned in a previous post, how I’ve had a sneak peek at retirement this year, due to not working. I have loved blogging, and plan to continue even when we move back to the U.S. in a few months. I have loved having time to read more, make crafts, learn new crafts, go on long walks, travel more. I’m especially looking forward to having more time to spend with my adult children, and eventually (hopefully) grandchildren!

  • We retired to France and I now am an “Olive farmer”. Well we have 40 9ish) Olive trees on 400 year old terraces that had been left growing wild for a few years and that entails a lot of “gardening” and physical activity.
    In addition we have a one bed room Gite that brings in plenty of interesting people for us to chat with for a few days … then they move on. It means we get to hear lots of new stories and can tell our old ones over and over again and nobody knows we are repeating ourselves!
    So no signs of boredom yet!

  • Some great tips here Julia and judging by the responses, you could have a niche all of your own

  • I have been retired for nearly two years now and I’m never bored. I have children around me with their children, I blog to my hearts content and I have discovered travel is good once you get there as Australia is a long way from most places.
    This coming week I intend to get stuck into my neglected garden….

  • I don’t understand bored 🙂

  • The opportunity to work your way into retirement is important, at least for me. It’s a case of slowing dow, rather than just stopping. Hobbies, old or new, then begin to fit into the spaces, so can take over as time allows.
    Think that there’s a space for over 60 sport opportunities, particularly team games, to be able to continue, even at a slower pace.
    It is essential to plan. Mine’s now around 18 months. Reducing any demands that are less interesting! Mind you, blogging is becoming a hobby too…
    Enjoy your journey.

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