Retirement routine

Human beings are creatures of habit. Even the most laid back and free thinking folk follow a routine of sorts – morning routines on waking, last thing at night.

You may think that once you retire, routines go out of the window. WRONG! Not having an enforced  timetable does not mean you can wait for life to fill your page entitled ‘Retirement’.

Since retiring myself, I have found routines have provided a framework for making sure I can fit other things in whilst making sure the house runs smoothly. Here is our basic timetable of a ‘retirement routine’ for you to consider. I must warn you though, there still is NEVER enough time!

Daily routines
  • Setting the alarm – just not as early maybe!
  • Making the bed
  • Washing up
  • Preparing meals – using fresh produce and maybe a recipe
  • Projects – hubby has various music projects whilst I have my blogging and governance.
Weekly Routines
  • Household jobs – cleaning, washing, ironing. Somehow having more time means these once ‘chores’ are done more thoroughly
  • Banking and finance – for this we go into town, have lunch and have a look around the shops
  • Shopping – we have found we now shop more often for fresh produce which means they are often cheaper and of a better quality.
  • Occasional trip for coffee or afternoon tea at local cafes
  • Friday pint
  • Sunday supper – having always gone out for supper on Sundays when I was a headteacher so that I had something to look forward to, we have continued with this routine.

We run a working week of Monday to Friday leaving the week-ends as special, just as they were when we were at work. So, we still look forward to our pint on a Friday after a good week’s work and the alarm is turned off on Saturdays and Sundays.

One aspect that isn’t logged but is very important in  retirement routine is getting some social interaction throughout the week. Loneliness can be so debilitating. This may be chatting to shop keepers, barmen or waitresses. It is amazing how soon you can build a relationship with regular contact.

This post is part of the series ‘Aspects of Retirement’. See ‘Retirement – can you afford it’

What routines will you need when you retire? Which ones will you happily drop?

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