Positive thoughts for you as you reach 60th

Positive thoughts as you reach 60

Positivie thoughts on reaching 60


I’ve been sleeping with a toy boy.

Don’t tut – tut over there! I’m referring to my husband who is a few years younger than me. He’s about to reach his 60th birthday and I feel I should mark it for him. I had mine a while ago and made sure it was a year to remember with visits to London, Paris and New York. He is not keen on making a fuss as ‘it is only another day’!

I have persuaded him to go away for a few days which he has agreed to but I thought I’d also mark it with a post with some positive thoughts for others of you who may not be feeling so cavalier on reaching the age where you move to a different box to tick on forms!

Only a day older

Himself is right in that you are only a day older than you were the day before so if you weren’t worried at when you were 59 years and 364 days (unless it is a leap year!) why worry now?  It is society that marks these events and I suspect that is for businesses to make some money with cards, balloons and all the other paraphernalia that goes with birthdays nowadays.



The big ones like 60 / 65 do have other ‘bits’ to them though, especially when they bring about retirement. You can get free prescriptions which if you have a long-term condition will save you quite a bit. Of course, this giveaway could be linked to the fact that as we age we are expected to  pick up more illnesses so it may be a blessing in disguise.

Some tourist attractions offer a reduced rate for seniors. It has made me laugh that when we ask for ‘two tickets, one senior’ because hubby has little hair and what he has is grey, they always think the senior is him. He is quick to point out that it is me though so perhaps he isn’t so immune to the forthcoming age change!


Become a role model

If you are still doing the sort of activity that others much younger do, then you can be a great role model. Hubby has been playing 5-a-side football each week for the last 35 years. He is now playing with chaps who weren’t born when he started and can give them a run for their money so he is doing well!


Grab the gravitas

If you’ve been on this earth for 60 years, you must have picked some good ideas up! you have learnt a great deal whether you intended to so you do know ‘stuff’. It can often come in handy even if it is just a pub quiz!


It’s all in the vocabulary

’60 is the new 40′

‘You’re not old but experienced’

‘Baby boomers rock’

We are often told it is not how old you are but how old you feel and yes, we’ve all felt 90 even at 50! However, as you age, it is even more important to keep the right mindset at the forefront. Being 60 in 2016 is nowhere like it was in 1980. Back then retirement was the beginning of the end in many cases. There wasn’t the variety of things to do to keep you active and involved in society and you were likely to not be too fit. Now, there is even a movement to get the older person back into work although I’m not sure of the morality of that given the youngsters without a job but you see what I mean.


The world is still your oyster

You know about all the things you could do. You have a list of places to visit. You are fitter than you were because you have spent the time you now have being sensible with exercise. The time you have free means you can do things when it pleases you rather than someone else.

So – you have no excuses!


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