30 great British things to do when you retire

30 great British things to do when you retire

30 great British things to do when you retire

Remember my campaign to replace the word ‘retirement’ with no longer in regular paid employment? Well here are 30 great British things to do when you retire and have the time! 

British Seniors have produced an excellent resource covering a wide variety of activities across the British Isles (hence the British in the title!) 


Are you feeling really active?

At the moment, the Olympic Games in Rio cannot be missed. It is in all our papers, across social media and you can have wall to wall viewing via the BBC. Whilst the suggestion is not to get to Olympic standard necessarily, activities like sailing are now more available than you may think. 

30 great British things to do when you retire

Falmouth harbour

Six areas have been selected: The Solent, The Scilly Isles, Lake Windemere, Helensburgh, Falmouth and Cork Harbour.

When you click on each section you are taken to a pen portrait of the area and details of their sailing facilities. Within the section, you are then given links to the nearest marinas and harbours, and you are even given the Shipping forecast area to make sure you drown!


Is golf your thing?

For those golfers out there the selection includes courses in Scotland, Ireland, and Cornwall. Again, you get a pen portrait of the course outlining such things as any major championships it has hosted and how it is designed. You also get some idea of some of the tricky holes and  key details of the cost of a round, the par and the total yardage. 

Each section has a link to the course website where you can get all the information you need .


Still feeling energetic?

If walking is your thing, this resource has found an interesting and varied selection. There are walks of 1 mile up to 117 miles but don’t worry you aren’t expected to do them all at once! The pen portrait explains the locality and level of difficulty as well as local sights to take in. There is also a mention of tea and cake facilities which any walk in Britain has to have.

Areas selected are White Cliffs of Dover, Polesden Lacey, Lizard Point, Fife Coastal Path, Malham Tarn & Village and Erddig Hall. These are only six of hundreds of wonderful walks that you can select. 


What a sight!

30 great British things to do when you retire

Roman baths at Bath

With the National Trusts of both England and Scotland available for us to join, we British are used to sight seeing. In this resource, the sights chosen would be on any visitors list and even bucket lists. There is a flavour of English literature with Shakespeare’s Globe, the Roman Baths, Bronte Country, Whitby and Stonehenge. 

You are given suggestions of where to eat, where to stay and any entry costs so you have everything before you start. 


Home on wheels

The final section in this 30 great British things to do when you retire made me smile and yet it concerns a huge favourite of many families – the caravan! The reason given for its inclusion is that many of the areas are remote and may not have anywhere to stay. 

Again, the areas chosen are across Great Britain. Information includes price to pitch, must see places nearby and even if there is wifi! 

30 great British things to do when you retire


A word of warning!

One aspect of this resource is the way it alerts visitor to any notes of caution whether it is the narrowness of roads or the steepness of a walk. 

It is an ideal starting pack for tourists with lots of pointers for more information. Although initially aimed at those who are retired, it would be ideal for families and single visitors. 


What would be on your lists? Share in the comments!


*This post was written in collaboration with British Seniors

You can review the original guide over here as well for more information.


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  • The more I hear and learn about your country, the more it sounds so familiar to my state of Oregon. I really need to travel.

  • A few years to go yet but we are definitely working towards it, love the idea of sailing around the British Isles

  • These are interesting. My sister just retired this past year. She was a little worried before she retired that she’d sit around and be bored, but she hasn’t had a chance because so many things have snagged her attention and time. Actually, she’s the type of person who is a self-starter in almost all areas of her life, so I knew she’d have no trouble beginning new things. And she travels extensively. She loves Paris and makes a trip there as often as she can, and while there this summer, she made her first trip to England. She liked it very much, so I’m passing this post on to her in case she’s looking for other things to consider on her next trip there.

    • Paris is one of my very favourite cities in the world that I have visited. Feel very at home there. Hope your sister continues to blaze her trail!

  • pauldavissolutions

    Hummm…. Historical sailing around the British Isles. I think I’ll put that one on my bucket list. Thanks!

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