X Certificate – Weather!

The Alphabe is almost at the end again (where do the weeks go?) and we are faced with the dreaded letter ‘X’. I’m glad I’m not one of those letters that no-one likes! Anyway, I had a think and will share a very quick one with you – the weather!

As everyone knows we Brits love talking about it. We’re never satisfied with what we see out of the window. It’s either too hot, cold, wet or dry! Well in this case it was disgusting!

SidmouthIt was February so I suppose it is not that unusual. However, Sidmouth a wonderful town in Devon (well worth a visit), is known to be a ‘beach’ holiday for families but this was the picture in August last year!

SidmouthI’m sure you’ll agree that the weather in these pictures deserve an ‘X’ Certificate!

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