What’s in a Name?

When you share the same name as a town, chances are that you took your name from the town originally. This post for the letter ‘R’ for Alphabe-Thursday is about someone who named a town!

We are going to visit Richelieu in France and the person at the centre of the story is Cardinal Richelieu. He was born Armand Jean du Plessis ( 1585 -1642) and was a firm favourite of Louis XIII. So grateful was the King that he had a palace built for him.

However, the Cardinal realised that without a populous to rule over, a palace did little for his reputation and so the town of Richelieu was built. It is in central France and although there is nothing left of the palace other than some stables at the far edge of the estate, the town is lovely and the grounds are superb!


Cardinal Richelieu’s palace may no longer exist ( which is such a shame as the model on view shows it was in the same league as the palace at Versailles!) but his name lives on. He is probably better known as the antagonist in the ‘Three Musketeers’ by Alexandre Dumas which has been made into many films and cartoons.

As you will see from his statue he was a very proud man and visiting his town, I can see why!

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