I have a veritable feast of wonderfullness for you this week on Alphabe-Thursday! We are looking at the letter ‘V’. Now you all know how I love Villandry but I’ve shared that with you on many occasions (Here & here).

Instead I give you Versailles! It is actually the Palace of Versailles situated in a suburb of Paris. It was the seat of political power from 1682 when Louis XIV moved his court from Paris. This was the symbol of absolute power which was maintained until 1789 when the revolution had started in France.

There have been a series of building projects well outlined here but I think it is the Hall of Mirrors that is best known around the world. When you tour the Palace you go through the most exquisite rooms each with its own theme of colour & splendour. There are Kings apartments & Queens Apartments & that is before you get to the gardens! I have put together a short picture tour. It had to be short because you’d need hours to get a real taste of the magnificence!


Now pop over to Jenny Matlock’s blog to see some more ‘V’s!

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