Vendredi Dans La Maison!

Ok – I put my hands up! I was struggling with this week’s letter ‘V’ for Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock’s blog. I usually share Villandry with you but you know all about that wonderful place. I’ve even shared Versailles, so what to do?

Well as I love France and as I know you enjoy your sojourns with me, I’m thinking outside the box. Bear with me!

Since I retired, we have tried to get a routine going for Monday to Friday. The intention is to create a ‘working week’ so that we can have week-ends that are restful and different. So both hubby and I have household jobs to do. I need to explain that he retired a few years before I did so many of the jobs were all his then! Now we can share them.

Our routine looks like this:

  • Monday is shopping and hubby goes to 5-a-side football while I’m at the Pupil Referral Unit where I am Chair of Governors
  • Tuesday is washing, ironing, cleaning the top of the house
  • Wednesday is picnic day. We like to try to go out and get some fresh air and take a picnic with us
  • Thursday is business day with a trip into town for banking.

That leaves Friday which in French is VENDREDI!

The jobs on the list are – clean the bathroom and the bottom of the house. As hubby does not particularly like vacuuming, he does the bathroom.

Here is the evidence!

Household jobshousehold jobs

Now before you all say how wonderful he is for doing this, remember that he did it all when I was working. The fact that he is the best husband in the world does not come into it!

Now make sure you visit Jenny’s to see what other ‘out of the box thinking’ has gone on the for the letter ‘V’!

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