‘Tis I!

For some reason, this week’s Alphabe-Thursday just made me think of ME! It is the letter ‘I’ so you can see where I got it from. I had a think about what sort of thing I could post. I thought perhaps I’d trawl through a dictionary & find words beginning with ‘I’ that described me.

There are certainly lots of them:

Idiot – I’ve been that on many occasions

Idle – yes- & not only in my teens!

Immature – especially if I’ve had a little tipple!

Impulsive – I’ve always hated ‘wait & see’

Imperfect – well – aren’t we all?

Incurable – when it comes to romance this definitely describes me

Inscrutable – as a Head teacher I was known for my ‘cunning plans’

Irrepressible – hopefully my energy will allow me to alway have a smile & a laugh to share

Intelligent –well, I did go to University & although that is no guarantee…..

Impressive – I know the little ones in the nursery were very taken with some of my stories.

I’m sure you can all put together a similar list. However, although they are bits of who I am, I think for the letter ‘I’ I’m going to cheat & give you ME!





Now I’m on holiday so I’m not able to visit many of the great posts you’ll find over at Jenny Matlock’s blog so I need you to do it for me. Go on – off you go HERE!



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