The Wonders of Whitby

This is a very quick post for the letter ‘W’  for Alphabe-Thursday. Life is very hectic at the moment but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of sharing this great W with you!

Whitby is in in the North of Yorkshire. It is famous for being the place where Bram Stocker got the inspiration for Dracula. It has a magnificent ruin ‘St Hilda’s Abbey’ that towers over the town. Around the 1790s the first whaling ships set off returning to make Whitby a major centre for the industry.

Nowadays, it is a magnet for tourists, both from abroad and the UK. You can still see the harbour with a small fleet of fishing boats as well as pleasure crafts taking trippers up the mouth of the river Esk. This is a good reminder of the history that saw the ship HMS Endevour which took Captain Cook to Australia and New Zealand being buit in the town in 1764.

Enjoy a slideshow of some of the great sights you could see on a visit to this jewel in Yorkshire’s crown.


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