The Treadmill!

Well now that we have reached the letter ‘T’ on Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday, I knew what I could share with you.

As you all know (and if you didn’t where have you been!) I was a headteacher. It had it’s stresses as you would expect. I’m a woman so obviously my weight also added stress to me! To try to get rid of both of these (or minimise them) I joined a gym. My idea was that 2 or 3 times a week I would go and get fit. The one piece of equipment that I really liked was the walking machine or treadmill. I could happily stride away for quite some time and when I had finished that sense of achievement carried me through until next time.

Now, the fly in this particular ointment was getting on the darn thing! Firstly, I could never get away from school at a reasonable time. That meant I was late getting to the gym. Having arrived (often hot and bothered) there was never a treadmill free!! Didn’t they realise that I had left a pile of policies to get here? Couldn’t they see my need for putting myself through hell Β relaxation? By the time I got onto the machine, I’d definitely gone off the idea and the whole event ended in me being very grumpy and even later home!

So, after lots of looking at schedules, trying to discipline myself to leave school at a reasonable hour we decided that we had to have one at home. Now we haven’t got a garage or an additional space that could house it so it is in our living room. No, don’t worry – you don’t realise it is there unless it is pointed out to you. It folds up against the wall. This is what it looks like with a certain person trying to look athletic! (Can I point out that the T-Shirt I’m wearing is far TOO BIG for me!)

I’m wearing my glasses because I like to read while I’m walking. It is a chance for me to read through the Times Educational Supplement. I did once fall off it and broke a bone right at the top of my arm. That time I was reading a letter about health and safety at school!!

Exercising at home

….and this is a picture of the same person AFTER doing the exercise! Definitely worth the effort don’t you think?!

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