The NEW House!

This is a short entry for this week’s Alphabe-Thursday because it is a story that is just starting. The letter this week is ‘N’ and I have chosen NEW so that I can share the excitement of a NEW house.

Now, I’d love to move but at our time of life it is not likely that hubby and I will summon up the energy needed for such a project. Instead, we hope to share in the adventure our DS and his wife have just embarked on. They have bought their first home together and what a project it will be!

It looks like any normal house doesn’t it but the ladder and the keen eyes of father-in-law should give you a hint! It has needed to be almost gutted inside and the windows are to be replaced. The garden was a jungle and the previous owners chickens (!) have caused a few problems with other tiny visitors – mice!

As I said, it is a real project but the youngsters have already done a lot to it and we are all excited about this next adventure for them. No doubt I shall be able to report back here at regular intervals to tell you of their progress. In the meantime, pop along HERE to see their story so far!

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