The BIG Apple!(NYC #1)

A number of you Dear Readers have asked about our trip to New York so what better excuse than to take part in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday letter ‘B’ with the title of the BIG Apple!

New York is certainly an experience. Before we left we were told that it was like being at the movies or on a film set and I can quite agree with that. It is the density of the buildings as well as their height that can make it feel quite claustrophobic. I should point out that we visited Manhattan but New York includes Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island  and Brooklyn. In fact Manhattan is the smallest of the 5 boroughs but that is where the ‘sights’ are.

We got ourselves City Passes before we arrived and were not disappointed with the sights that were included. The Statue of Liberty is so impressive especially if you think of the millions of people who have passed her hopefully on their way to freedom as citizens of the USA. Of course, that was not always the case but she certainly stands proud at the mouth of the harbour.

I have included those icons that you will know in the slideshow but I wanted to mention the HighLine which is described as a park but is a walkway built on an old elevated railway on Manhattan’s west side. It is such an imaginative use of derelict land and really creates a unique view of that side of the area.

Both hubby and I had things we wanted to see and do. Not necessarily icons but those things that mean NYC to us and most from watching films and TV. These included a yellow taxi, a cart from which to eat a hot dog, a school bus, a set of fire escapes out side buildings as well as air-conditioning units on window sills. They were all there!

Ground Zero is a MUST to visit. I was really surprised at how small the footprint of the towers actually was. They have been turned into wonderful pools with constant running water and the names of all those killed around the edges. It is very poignant with Freedom Tower being constructed alongside.

Time Square isn’t! I thought it would be a large square with that ticker-tape going all the way round but it is in fact quite small. It is very bright though and so very, very tall.

Here is a selection for you to savour.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip but are not in a hurry to return. That is not because it is not a vibrant place like nowhere else on earth but because there are other parts of America that we want to see. We do know that we can do a long haul and that has given us the confidence to have another go!

Do make sure you visit Jenny’s blog to see what other ‘B’s folks have posted! 

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  • mub

    I have New York City on my list of places to see too… but I fear my list of places to see is growing to be as tall as I am and I keep adding to it *L*

  • I love your description of the trip. We have friends that refuse to go to the same place twice. They won’t even visit people unless it’s in a different locale.

    I haven’t been to New York since I used to do wholesale shows on the Pier, but I’d love to go back.

    I think this is going to have to go onto my bucket list!

    Thanks for sharing. I feel like I was there.

    The only thing missing was a yummy bagel.


  • I haven’t been for over …never mind, it’s been a LONG time but you’re right, there are so many other places to experience. Lovely slideshow.

  • vbr

    I lived in NY most of my life. I am a Queens girl. After I married I moved to Long Island and then finally to Virginia. – but, to paraphrase the old saying, you can take the girl out of Queens, but you can’t take Queens out of the girl! So happy to hear you had a good trip! (Hey, did you take a subway ride?)

  • Enjoyed sharing your tour of the Big Apple! I’ve only seen it from the air at night as our flight passed over it!

  • jo

    I have never been there, but would love to see it someday!

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  • Your photos are great! I have always wanted to visit NYC but I also love seeing all the sights America has to offer! Have a blessed weekend! Enjoy!

  • Great pics of the Big apple, and lovely header as well! But I have great difficulty reading the text (because of the dark background), so I’m taking your word for it:)

    • Hi there!
      I’m not sure I understand what you mean about the dark background. The background for the posts is white with black text. Which area are you referring to,. I’ll look into changing it.

  • I won a trip to New York and will be going there in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing your view and reading the comments. Can’t wait to see it all again. Have not been there in over 40 years.


  • We’ve never visited New York, and we need to do it when my hubby retires. (June 29th is his last day of work!!_


  • Thanks, its great to see some of the real city!

  • I love NY … to visit.. every 5-10 years. It’s such a vibrant city with so many things to see and do. For living, however, I prefer wide open spaces with fresh air and no traffic noises. You got some wonderful shots. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for your visit too…if you enjoyed it, I’ll take the blame for distracting you…heehee. Have a great day!

  • This made me smile so much. I am a New Yorker who just happens to be living in the UK for the past nearly 30 years….but I am STILL a New Yorker 🙂 and I agree with Touch2Touch… all TRUE New Yorkers have their own view of New York so I echo her anointing you a TRUE New Yorker xx
    My addition to your to do list would be to take the subway to Brooklyn and walk back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk….a view that needs to be seen to be believed!!!!

    • We dsid that but during the day. Unfortunately, we walked so far during the daytime we were too exhausted to go far in the evenings! 🙁

  • What a great trip! I want to go back, now!

  • You did it, Julia. You presented YOUR New York. That’s just what any New Yorker would do, so look at you! a native already!
    For another time, if there is another time: the Staten Island Ferry. The view of lower Wall Street is incomparable, you can see the Lady Liberty, and you can put your toesies down on Staten Island, which almost no one (except those who live there) ever do.
    I loved seeing my (former) city through your eyes.

  • Dear Julia,
    I once lived upstate in New York in the early 80’s. Of course it was exciting to go down into the cites during the day. My most memorable moment is having to take a stand-up seat during one midnight hour in Queens. I could not believe how crowed the Train was at that hour. In any case, thanks for sharing this interesting post.

  • Jen

    I love your to do list. I haven’t been to New York in many years and I’m with you….there are so many other places that I want to visit before going back to all the hustle and bustle. I would like to visit ground zero though.

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