That wall!

 This post is for letter ‘H’  in our Alphabe- Thursday meme over at Jenny Matlock’s fabulous blog. I know a number of you enjoy finding out a little of the history of this little island so I present one of our most amazing constructions


It is often assumed that because it was put up by an occupying Roman army, it was to keep us English in but it was actually to keep those invading Scots at bay! They kept trying to pinch our cattle apparently! This map will show you where the wall is in relation to Scotland / England border – almost makes the divide but not quite.

The whole construction begun in AD 122 on the instructions of Emperor Hadrian was over 75 miles long, at least 9 ft wide & in places 20 ft high. It had many gates / forts along its length & these would have been used as customs post for collecting taxes & was the most fortified border in the Roman empire.

Amazingly, quite a lot of it still remains & in 1987 it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Just like Glen Coe, I was stunned by the raw beauty. The wind always blows with a biting feel even in the summer. The whole landscape screams hardship, battle & struggle. I was surprised at the size of it & couldn’t help wondering what it must have been like building it & then being positioned to guard it!


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