In keeping with last week’s letter & my  post ‘All the Queens Houses’, I have decided to continue the theme of Kings & queens now that Alphabe has reached letter ‘R’. This picture has been posted before. It is me with my dearest friend Trina on World Book Day dressed as the King & Queen of Hearts from Alice in wonderland!

She was a vital part of my headship as she was always there giving me support & encouragement. It helped that her door was just across from mine so we could have a conversation without actually leaving our rooms! Her role was School & Family Link Worker & she did just that but so much more. My school was in an area of high deprivation, low expectations & very few aspirations. It was Trina who made the parents believe in their children. She helped me spread the message that education & school were important & we certainly made great strides together.

I am still in contact with Trina. We meet up regularly for coffee & a chat. We don’t talk about the old days because they are gone & the school has & should move on. However, this picture is one of my favourites.

The Head's Office


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