Olympic Jazz!

At the moment you will see the Union Jack flying proudly everywhere here in the UK. We had our Diamond Jubilee Celebrations with the Queen visiting all corners of the British Isles. Then we had the European Football Championships and although England was the only one of the home nations to take part, the flags stayed up.

Now that the Olympics are almost here, that red white and blue cross is being very proudly flown. This is a photo of a band of wandering minstrels suitable attired for this year. They were wandering because they were entertaining the crowds while they waited for the Olympic torch to pass in Faversham, Kent.

The music they were playing was ‘trad jazz’. My memories of this style of music come from my childhood and ‘Acker Bilk and his Jazz Men’ who were among a group of bands playing music that was considered quite new! It was always a great sound that made you want to stomp along with the beat.

It made a great interlude while we waited. The atmosphere was really lively and even the church opened it’s doors to sell teas and cakes. Sadly, the torch bearer ran so fast he was gone before you could catch a sight of him but the event was a great experience.

This post is for the letter ‘J’ in Jenny Matlock’s Alphbe-Thursday. Do pop over to her blog and see what the others have come up with!In the meantime enjoy my July Jubilee Jazz!

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  • This sounds like an amazing experience!

    Great post for the letter J…

    Thanks for linking.


  • Jim

    I like the looks of you “J”azz band, Joanne. Sorry I am so late getting here. I really did get behind in returning my alpha’s. We do that too, take home the “J”am from the restaurant and eat it on our toast for morning coffee or tea.

  • Pondside

    I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying your go at the Olympics as much as we did two years ago with the winter games. We watched the opening ceremonies and enjoyed every minute!

  • Embarassing to see Romney flapping his jaw! As an American I suppose I am grateful the British people were are kind in their insults to him! He is an,,,,,oh oh,,,,better not use inappropriate language here! I have always thought Union Jack was a swell flag! I like it as I do my own American flag. Our flags symbolize so much. I betcha you are very proud to be a Brit! God Bless You for this lovely post! Your memories are glorious ones!

  • I soooo remember Mr. Acker Bilk! I am all set to watch the Olympics in the UK. Just ignore Romney! He is such a prat!!

  • Looks so fun. I’m sure it’s a blessing and a curse, both, to have the Olympics happening in one’s back yard! Hope you are enjoying the blessing side of it!

  • Great photo. Glad to see some other highlights surrounding the Olympics♫♪

  • vbr

    The UK has much to celebrate this year. So many exciting events. Thank you for sharing this bit of the fun! Excellent J post.

  • We had the Olympics here in 2002 and it was one big party! I loved it…

  • The Union Jack just might become honourable to see flying again.. love it….;)

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