Oh so OLD!

Alphbe has arrived at the tricky letter of ‘O’ this week. I was thinking of sharing some of my Oxford photos with you but then I thought I’d be a bit cheeky! So my entry for this week is not a place it is

an OLD photograph! 


Morris Minor


 This is a photograph of me with my mother. It’s significance does not lie in either of us but in the car. It was a Morris Minor & I called her ‘Jenny’ (no, no connection to Mrs. Matlock!)

Apparently, my father bought her in East Africa a time before I was born & had her shipped over. She was an integral part of my early life as ownership of cars was not as prolific as it is now. The registration number of KCO 173 will remain with me to my end I’m sure.

I can certainly remember the tears that I shed the day she was replaced for Vauxhall Minx of all things!


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