For Alphabe-Thursday this week we’re off on our travels again! I’m taking you to France & to the Loire Valley, which, if you are a regular visitor here, you will know we love.

The place is called Noyant. It’s not a particularly spectacular place. It hasn’t got a grand châteaux as many towns have in this area. In fact, I’d go so far as to say you’d probably not take much notice of it at all. It’s one of those ‘on the way to somewhere else’ places. It’s just a typical French town out in the countryside.

This, however, is what makes it special for me.

Cenotaph at Noyant, Loire


I have seen some amazing sculptures across Europe that have been erected to commemorate the fallen the various wars that continent has been engaged in. This one though, has something special. The pathos & sorrow just shine out for me. It brings a lump in my throat whenever we went past, going to ‘somewhere else’.


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