Not Elephant or is it?

The Alphabe-Thursday letter this week is ‘E’ & it was an easy choice.

This is THE picture that everyone takes when they visit Etretat in Northern France. Although there is a quaint little town  (which gets incredibly busy at peak times) it is the natural beauty of the alabaster cliffs that draw the visitors.

The climb is very steep and it is one of those disconcerting experiences. You know the sort where you think you can see the top but actually there is another rise then another! The French have been considerate though & there are ‘stopping place’ with seats along the way to help you get to the top. It is certainly worth the climb because somehow seeing the sight after battling with the cliff makes it THE picture to take!


When I saw The ‘Elephant Trunk’ (my term)  I  created this amazing story about the sea rising up & covering the land & as the millions of years passed it slowly drew back & ….. See where I was going with it?  In fact it is what is called a natural arch. quite boring in the story but oh, so spectacular in reality!

With such surroundings, the area was a favourite among painters, writers & VIPs (see here) Impressionist painter Claude  Monet drew in these surroundings at different times of the day to capture how the landscape changed with the light.

All together, a magical place. By the way, the sticking up bit is known as a needle (you wouldn’t have thought eh!)


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