New Ring, Old Love

Alphabe -Thursday the great weekly meme over at Jenny Matlock’s blog has reached the letter ‘N’. Where do the weeks go?!

For this post I need you to find your romantic side Dear Reader. Come on, you know you have one somewhere, just dig about & find it. The reason I need you to be romantic is because this is an ‘Ahhh’ post.

This week saw hubby and I celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first time we went on a date. We both knew that the other one was special and we soon became an ‘item’. To mark this Nick bought me a dress ring as a token of his feelings. Neither of us knew that within a few weeks we would be talking of getting married. The reason it all came so soon was partly that we were not spring chickens but also my son was just moving into secondary school and the teacher in me would not moved him half way through his high school career so it was either sooner or much later.

We chose sooner and told our friends that we were getting married. As I had already got a ring, I didn’t feel I should push for an engagement ring because the one I had would be fine. However, 25 years later I have felt it’s loss and we have finally bought an engagement ring!

Isn’t it  beautiful? Diamonds and sapphires and it fits wonderfully with my wedding ring. So, I’m a happy bunny.

Thank you for being romantic and do pop over to Jenny’s place for some more ‘N’ posts.

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