Moaner Lisa!

The time has come for the letter ‘M’ and I’m taking the opportunity to share some more Paris memories with you! You will see that we went to the Louvre if you visit my photo-blog ‘Relentless Optimism’.

It is an amazing but frustrating place. You go down to go in and then find that each level that you go up has levels within it. So it didn’t take us long to be completely confused despite having a map!

Anyway, there was one exhibit that I wanted to see and here she is

Mona Lisa

Now don’t worry – the title is not mis-spelt. I know that she is the Mona Lisa but our visit did produce a few grumbles. There is a barrier around the small painting by Leonardo da Vinci keeping visitors at a reasonable distance so that photos can be taken but some folks insisted on taking their photos then staying then, drooling taking up the best place for a great photo!

Good thing hubby is tall!

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