Memories! (Weekly Photo Challenge – Old Fashioned)

For some reason I found it quite hard to get going on the letter ‘M’ for this weeks Alphabe- Thursday. I thought of all the places we have visited because I know you like to be transported somewhere else but I’ve shared all my ‘M’ places with you already.

My darling hubby suggested I did ‘My Favourite Things’ but somehow I couldn’t settle on what to tell you about. Then it came to me (again via that husband of mine!) and I give you one of his Memories!

We saw this on a recent visit to Beamish which is an outdoor museum in the North of England. Known as ‘The Living Museum’   it has examples of life during the Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian eras. It is certainly a ‘Must See’ place when you are up that way.You can see more photos that I took HERE  

Now back to memories. When we came across this item my hubby announced that he ‘remembered having a bath in one of those!’  Apparently, when he was tiny, his family lived in a small basement flat and although he is not as old as me, they did not have a bathroom as such just an inside toilet.

He was really animated as he told me stories of bath nights. He was also quite taken back that something he had used was now a museum item! Mind you, we both remembered being able to buy broken biscuits!

Have you got a memory that is now a museum piece? 

Do pop over to Jenny Matlock’s blog to see some more ‘M’s!

This post is also my entry for this week’s Post  , the theme of which is ‘Old Fashioned’! 

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