Lovely Liverpool!

There was only one subject for this week’s Alphabe-Thursday letter ‘L’! It is the wonderful city of Liverpool. I will share some photos to hopefully give you a flavour!

It has a long maritime history becoming a major port by the 18th century. Sadly its links to the Atlantic Slave trade has coloured some views about this area of Liverpool’s past. 

It is home to a diversity of cultures & has  the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

Gateway to China Town - Liverpool


Many people will have heard about Liverpool through the Beatles, probably the most famous group in the 60’s. These cultural icons helped the city to become a major tourist attraction over the years. In 2008 it became European City of Culture & it’s biennial arts festival that year had some amazing exhibits.

U-Ram Choe - Korea

This wonderous contraption moved very slowly with each of its pieces moving back & forward. It reminded me of a wood louse!

One of my favourite places is the Roman Catholic Cathedral. We are not of that faith but it is a wonderous building. It is circular & lets in light whatever the weather. This picture was taken the day before the funeral of Pope in the mid afternoon on a fairly dull day.

Roman Catholic Cathedral Liverpool

So…I hope you have enjoyed a whirlwind tour of a great city. For my American visitors, definitely put it on your bucket lists!

There will be lots of ‘L’ or a post (get it?) over at Jenny Matlock’s fab blog! Go see!

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