Myths and Legends

I took this photo of the tree at the bottom of my garden. I want you to look carefully at the brown area. It is actually ivy that has been cut from the roots and is dying. It was gradually taking over the tree so the owners decided to take drastic action to get rid of it. It certainly is no longer growing and for me, has created a scene from a film!

As you probably know, hubby and I like old films and Jason and the Argonauts (1963) is among our favourites. It is one of those films that is ideal to watch on a Sunday afternoon when it is pouring with rain and you want to shut out the world. It is the story of young Jason, sent to find the golden fleece in order to reclaim his father’s throne from King Pelias. As with many Greek myths it is a romping tale during which Jason confronts all sorts of creatures and magic.

He finally finds the fleece and it is here that my picture comes in. Here is the shot of the fleece in the film. See the resemblance?

It will be easier for you to watch the clip. So get yourself a wet Sunday and sit back and enjoy. If you fancy knowing a bit more of the story, The BBC’s Michael Wood explains it HERE


This is of course a post for the letter ‘M’  for the fabulous ‘Alphabe-Thursday’ over at Jenny Matlock’s great blog. Do go over and see what the ‘M’ the others have posted! 

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