Ladybirds and Corfe Castle

Alphbe-Thursday has galloped along with the year and has reached the letter ‘L’. I have chosen something silly from my garden so that I can share something magnificent with you!

My letter ‘L’ is for Lady birds (or for my American friends Lady Bugs) Here they are.


They watch over our raised beds to make sure no real life insects get into them to eat all the plants. They are very jolly and really brightened the garden in those winter months when everything can be so dark and drab. The ladybird is a member of the beetle family Coccinellidae. Here in the UK there are surveys that you can join to save the various species we have.

The reason for sharing them, apart from giving you all some brightness, is to show you Corfe Castle because when we visit this amazing ruin to man’s desire for power, we go to a little tea shop that sells these ceramics. As a little girl my parents took me to look at ‘the castle on the hill’ as we travelled to Swanage for the day. It is set in an area of Dorset known as the Isle of Purbeck and its position made sure that no-one entered England from this coast without going through the castle. It is likely that there was a fortress of some sort here way back in Roman times.

National Trust - Corfe Castle

In 1646 Oliver Cromwell’s Parliamentarians tried to demolish the castle. Although they did not succeed to raise it to the ground, over the years the walls have given way to the weather and the elements including modern traffic of the walking kind as well as motorized. The National Trust now have ownership and endevour to try to save as much of the original building as possible.

Let your imagination soar as you look at it.  Wouldn’t it have been magnificent in its day – truly majestic!

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