I’m sorry!

There, I’ve said it. My husband is not happy about the liberties I have taken with the title of this post. He is a grammar scholar so not impressed with my cheek! Let me explain.

This is a picture of a dry stone wall.


Dry stone walling has always fascinated me. It is the construction of walls from stones without using mortar. They have no glue!! It is the way the stones are layered and interlocked together that holds them together. So clever! You need a good eye to see the shapes and relationship between the individual pieces of stone. We have lots of these in the countryside around me and some of them are very old.

So, what is the link to the title? Well, it is possible for you to take courses and learn how to do this country CRAFT. If I had the time, this would be the craft I’d learn.

So apologies for the ‘mis-spelling’. I enjoyed making hubby grumble! Do pop over to Jenny Matlock’s blog to see what other ‘K’ posts there are!

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