Julia’s Party

As it is my name letter ‘J’ this week for Alphabe-Thursday, I’m sharing some great photos of my party.

Let me explain. In case you haven’t heard I’m 60 on 26th January. That is quite a decade to have reached! I have had a party for 30, 40, 50 so of course we had to do something for the big 6-0. It was held in a Chinese restaurant which is situated at the top of a complex for the Chinese community. The food is fabulous and the approach somewhat novel.

You are given a menu consisting of a large number of dishes for each of the courses. You select your choice for starters. You can have a s many as you like. When you have finished those you are asked if you would like more starters or are you ready to proceed to the intermediate course. When you have finished that, you are asked again if you would like more intermediate or move to the mains…and so on. There is a set price for the meal so you don’t have to worry about the pricey dishes. If you are someone who likes the variety of starters, you eat them all night!

As there were 18 of us, they brought a selection for each of the courses which was brilliant as we didn’t have to stop talking! Eating Chinese food is such fun and when you add excellent company it was a wonderful evening. For some of the folks attending, this was their 4th ‘Julia’s Party’. That makes me feel good to think we have such long-standing friends who have supported us through the years.

Here is just a snippet – friends, balloons, my handsome son & his wife, and me near to tears with my amazing cake! You may be wondering why the birthday party was not nearer the day. Well that’s because I am being taken to Paris so that I can be at the top of the Eiffel tower on my birthday! Spoilt or what!!


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