It had to be ME!

Alphabe_Thursday has reached the Letter ‘J’. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about  (where have you been?!) this is a fabulous meme from the blog of Jenny Matlock. Each week a different letter of the alphabet is highlighted.

I was going to continue my tour of sights I have visited & show you an art exhibition at Jardins du Luxembourg  but it became a bit complicated. In the end I have gone for the blooming obvious – ME! This picture was taken a VERY LONG TIME ago! Here you see a young Julia waiting for her party guests.

See the ‘old woman’ wringing of hands? That was because as my birthday is at the end of January the weather was often at it’s most horrendous with snow blizzards bringing everything to a halt (remind you of something?!) The result was a party with no guests. Apparently this happened two years running so my Mother gave up the idea after that! Anyway, here I am in all my party glory!

Apologies for the quality of the picture. As I said, it is VERY OLD! Now pop over to Jenny’s & explore the wonderful letter ‘J’ with the other entries!

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