Isambard Kingdom Brunel

This handsome chap is Isambard Kingdom Brunel and as someone who lives in Bristol, I am very proud of him! He was a Victorian engineer who seemed to have a passion for steel. Among his creations that are still with us(and can be seen in and around Bristol) are the Great Western Railway, the SS Great Britain ( the first propeller-driven ocean-going iron ship) and the wonderful Clifton suspension Bridge.

Not all his projects were a success but they always had an element of innovation about them. In 2002 he was placed second in a poll to see the ‘100 Greatest Britons’ and in 2006 Bristol celebrated his bicentenary in grand style.

Thanks to Jenny Matlock for letting me share this amazing man with you. We have reached the letter ‘I’ in the Alphabe- Thursday series. Do pop over to her blog to see what the others have posted!

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