Heaven on Earth

This post is for Alphabe-Thursday which is one of the fabulous memes set up by Jenny Matlock at her blog. Do go & visit the others! This week the letter is ‘V’


The subject of this post is Le Chateau de Villandry completed in 1536. It is a wondrous place that nestles in the Loire. The Chateau (castle to you & me) is relatively small for tha area but it’s fame is primarily about its gardens!

There are 5 main gardens & they all transport you to different places, times & emotions. My husbands favourite is this one

This represents the allegory of ‘Gardens of Love’. The first four squares represent – Tender Love, Passionate Love, Fickle & Tragic Love. My OH likes the geometric solidity of it (he’s a bit OCD!) & the formality of the design.

For me, on the other hand,  it has to be this one – The Vegetable Garden. Yes look closely – these boxed hedges contain a huge variety of vegetables!

 We have been to this wondrous place many times but I am always in awe of the work that is done here. It just takes my breath away! Like the Love Gardens, there is a symmetry & order to the vegetable garden. They are grown for their colour as well as their edibility. The other gardens – Sun, Music, Water Herb & the Maze are glorious in their own right but we have our favourites. 

For us a visit to Villandry is seeing heaven on earth!

Have you a place that no matter how many times you visit is still a wonderful experience?

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