I haven’t joined Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe for ages but saw that it was the letter ‘G’ and knew I had to share a brilliant idea. It comes from Heather Bestel who has some marvellously simple ideas to make life a little better at very little cost!

I have been feeling in the grumps for a while now. I find Christmas a tricky time of the year and I’m still coughing so have all the ingredients to feel sorry for myself. New Year’s day was awful. I had a dreadful headache (not alcohol induced!) and felt completely at odds with the world let alone the new year that had now started.

This morning, I woke feeling lighter in spirit, not coughing and it wasn’t raining! All good signs to persuade me to get back into my swimming regime. I promised myself that I would go gently and not struggle to get to the half mile I was doing before the lurgy hit. This was, after all, a chance for me to get back into things.

Well, Dear Reader, I can announce with some pride that by 8.30am I was back home having done the 32 lengths for the half mile and feeling that I could actually have done some more. I then opened my email from Heather about Gratitude Jars and I felt a message had been sent.

I shall be looking for a special jar tomorrow when I go on our ‘shopping after Christmas that isn’t local’ trip. Not sure what to look for but I’ll know it when I see it. I haven’t explained what IT is. You’ll have to watch Heather to find out but do have a go!
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