Grand Central Station (NYC#4)

As regular readers here will know when we went to New York we had a list of things we wanted to see. One of them was Grand Central Station. The reason for this is stems from the film the Untouchables. Have you seen the version with Kevin Costner in? It has a scene towards the end of the film when the bad guys are gradually being dealt with. The action takes place of the stairs in Grand Central Station where a young mum is struggling with her pram. She lets it slip and in slow motion you see it bounce down this very long flight of stairs. (do have a look at the clip!)

We wanted to go and ‘re-created’ the scene. Sadly, there was either artistic license applied or there have been changes but the stairs are nowhere near as long as the flight in the film! However, it gave us a chance to spend some time in an amazing place. It is the largest station in the world with 67 tracks making up 44 platforms but the interesting thing is you don’t see them! what you see is a town in microcosm.

There are all sorts of shops, a huge fresh food market and a wonderful array of eateries tempting your palette. It is all a long way from the smoky, noisy places that one would associate with catching a train. If you do visit New York, do make sure you go down a few levels to the wonders of Grand Central Station because it is very aptly named!


This post is for the letter ‘G’ over at Jenny Matlock’s blog for Alphabe-Thursday.

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