Goodwill at Christmas

The words Goodwill and Christmas go together. There are lots of carols, songs, poems and greeting card messages that link them. Hubby and I are creatures of habit. We live in an area which has lots of tea shops and restaurants as well as sole traders in a large range of goods. We like to support local traders and over time have got to know them by name. We even give a Christmas card to some!

This Christmas, it was brought home to us how this loyalty is regarded:

Number 1: the petrol station we go to regularly gave us a card and bottle of Prosecco. We have been customers for many years and have got to know the family.

Number 2: an indian restaurant that we visit took the price of the bottle of wine we had off the bill. We don’t eat there every week mind!

Number 3: a turkish cafe that we have coffee in gave a little paper bag. Inside were a couple of loyalty cards and two cereal bars. No doubt they had recently been visited by the rep but when we said goodbye, he gave a small bow and touched his heart.

Number 4: now this is not about a sole trader. It is about Tesco. Before doing our weekly shop, we always have a coffee and a sandwich. We have got to know the ladies that work behind the counter but it was really lovely to be given our regular second cup of coffee ‘on the house’

Perhaps loyalty does pay!

This post is for Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock’s blog. 

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