Glen Coe

This is Glen Coe. It is in the Highlands of Scotland & ‘shows a grim grandeur’. This picture was taken in the middle of June on a bright sunny day – but not in the Glen. Can you see those clouds just beginning to roll down the hillside & envelope anyone foolish enough to think of taking a stroll upwards?

The magnificent landscape just emphasises the power of nature but it also has  its own atmosphere – almost one of impending doom. Perhaps I’m getting carried away by the history. Thirty eight members of the MacDonald Clan were killed on 13th February 1692. Their homes were destroyed & over forty women & children died later from exposure. Their crime had been to be rather slow at conveying their allegiance to the new monarchs William & Mary.

When we have travelled down the Glen & stopped, I’m sure I can hear the shouts in the wind & the cries of despair.  It is a place of awe, majesty & wonder. It is also a place where even the sun cannot take away the sadness.


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