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GOODNESS! Alphabe – Thursday has reached the letter ‘G’ already! I am going to share some amazing sculptures with you that were made by African artists & used in the Garden for Africa that was created in 2005 on the fore court of the British Museum. It was done by the Ground Force team that used to have a successful TV programme where they would go to communities & ‘make over’ a piece of ground or garden. They want to create a garden that showed the different climates across the African continent. Many of the plants had come from Kew Gardens & the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Apart from it being a truly amazing sight, I have chosen sculptures that were made from decommisioned munitions – GUNS & bullets by an organisation called Transforming Arms into ToolsYou may have to look closely to see what they used to be!

This piece by Adam Madebe is called Fallen Warrior

This piece is ‘Snake’ by Adelino Serafim Mate 

Although not from GUNS, this last piece called Blood Sweat & Tears formed a water feature in the garden is made by Sokari Douglas Camp & is again using galvanised steel but this time it is  GREEN.

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