Fussy Birds!

The birds in my garden are the fussiest eaters in the neighbourhood! Regular readers will know that our garden make-over was designed with the birds in mind. We wanted to encourage as many visitors as possible.

It so happens that my next door neighbour feeds the birds as well and between us we provide a very varied menu. We generally put out the black sunflower looking seeds and a fat log, whilst she will go for the mixed seeds. After the bad winter last year where we had lots of snow, I have been forward planning and decided to add some additional feeders to the garden. I’m doing it now because I know the birds have to get used to change (seems just like us!)

So, at great expense, I have bought an additional 3 feeders which came full of different food. Result – the birds have disappeared! It is almost like they have taken umbrage that we should deem to put up anything but the black seeds! Honestly – talk about fussy eaters! Have a look yourselves – now doesn’t that array whet your appetitie?


This post is part of Alphabe-Thursday which I have been very remiss in not joining for a few weeks! Do pop over to Jenny Matlock’s great blog to see what other ‘B’ posts have been entered! 

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