Fort La Latte – home of Vikings!

We are already at the letter ‘F’ for Alphabe- Thursday over at Jenny Matlock’s ‘Off on My Tangent’! I am taking you to France again for this letter but also to a distant time!

This castle is actually a fort. You’ll see from the pictures that it is out on a premonitory and faces the sea on the north Brittany coast.


Apart from being a spectacular sight, we visited for another reason. My husband is a great fan of the film ‘The Vikings’, the 1958 version. It is the story of violence, greed and of course love. The stars included Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas and Janet Leigh. To cut a long story short, the brothers fight over her at the end!

However, the fight scene right at the end of the film is shot on the top of the Fort. It is one of hubby’s favourite moments of the film so he HAD to re-enact it!

The Vikings

Just so you can double check the authenticity here is the actual scene. It’s worth a watch! As he was doing his Thespian bit, a passing visitor said’ Ah Tony Curtis!’ to which Nick replied ‘No Kirk Douglas!’


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